Downhole camera

There are more than 900,000 active oil and gas wells in the U.S. Oil and gas have become a major form of wealth in today’s society. If you own or plan to have an oil well built on your property to it?s imperative that you have an on location well inspection in order to make sure that it’s safe for use. A gas well inspection must be performed by a professional and uses several different tools to inspect the well properly. On of the tools used for an on location well inspection is a high pressure well inspection camera. These cameras are used to seep deep down into the surface of the ground to inspect the formation and stability of the well.

A high pressure camera
is in fact the most important and comprehensive tool use for an on location well inspection. Without it would be extremely difficult to tell how stable or unstable the well is. There a several dangers to sending a human body so far deep into the ground, therefore a well inspection camera is a necessary a cost saving tool to do the job and a normal human being may not be able to. There?s several components and features that are a major part of the oil well camera itself. To increase the efficiency of your gas well inspection camera let?s take a look at some of the required components and features as well as how to properly use them during an on location well inspection.

The Centering system. During an on location well inspection this is the part of the high temperature camera that is used to center the camera as it deploys down into the hole. It also helps provide a balanced and centered view while the downhole camera is in use. A centered view is crucial in providing a crisp and clear visual of the well. The on location well inspection is meant to determine whether there?s any leaks in the pipelines. The centering system help to provide the right visuals to detect if there is any leaks and other potentially dangerous factors.
Motorized cable feeder.A powerful cable feeder is used to steadily drop the camera down the well. The cable feeder allows for better accuracy and less time used to inspect the well. Usually the speed is adjustable but in this very case slow and steady is highly recommended. Since this is a motorized mechanism, the inspector performing the job has no need to constantly monitor the down feeder process. They can focus more on the actual downhole well inspection.

Camera display screen.The LED camera display is the last but not the least important component of a gas well inspection camera. It?s purpose is self explanatory. It is used to see the visuals of the well?s walls, it?s depth, and other much needed imagery that will be converted into data. It’s a very important part of the on location well inspection since the purpose of the job is to see exactly what is down there.


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