Small run pcb manufacture

Circuit board assembly services have always been reliant on innovative and advanced technology, but since the advent of 3D printing, the industry is more complicated than ever.

Fast PCB prototypes can be manufactured extremely quickly nowadays and 3D printing is improving the way these fast PCB prototypes are being used, distributed, and manufactured.

In addition to PCB assembly services being improved, here are a few industries that will be impacting by the growing 3D printing market.


3D technology will improve the medical industry because more and more custom medications will be created. All the way from small pills to orthopedic hip replacements, 3D technology will revolutionize the medical industry in the near future.


Obviously military weaponry has came a long way over the last few decades, but 3D printing technology will continue this trend of growth as more and more weapons and ammunition will be able to be manufactured at rapid speeds. A lot of the machinery involved in the military is extremely complex and certain products have to be created one at a time and takes a lot of time and energy do produce. With 3D printing, the U.S. military will be able to create extremely complicated devices at a rapid rate.


The education industry will be completed changed thanks to the ability of 3D printing. Students will be able to print their own projects that are strange structures like globes, city models, and other strange items. Although schools will have plenty of 3D digital printers on site, at some point in the near future, there will most likely be individual printers in each home in America.

Toy Industry

The toy market hasn’t improved too much thanks to technology in recent years, as more and more children are choosing video games over physical toys. But the 3D printing industry will likely improve the kind of toys that are being made. Toy companies will be able to manufacture virtually any kind of toy in a matter of seconds.

Fast PCB prototype, education, military, medical, and toy industries will all be impacted by the increase use of 3D technologies.