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During the last 6 months, the number of emails opened on tablets and smartphones has increased by 80 percent, and email marketing is responsible for almost 45 dollars in profit for every dollar spent? Yet, just 30 percent of small business owners spend more than three hours per week working on email marketing! Just sit back for a moment and consider what kind of missed opportunity that is. It is essentially like taking 45 dollars and throwing it out the window.

Of course, this lack of time and attention paid to such an important endeavor is not the fault of the person who owns a small business. After all, small business owners are extremely busy people. They have neither the time nor the resources available, not to mention the marketing skills, to effectively create and execute a top notch online marketing cleveland strategy. This makes sense, right? We would not expect web designers to excel at party planning or dentistry or psychotherapy or any of the other myriad industries in which hardworking individuals start their own businesses every day. So why should a party planner or a dentist or a mental health counselor expect herself to be as good at SEO someone who has spent the last ten years working at internet advertising agencies or website designer companies? She should not. What she should do instead is hire SEO professional from one of the best internet advertising agencies around to do that job for her so that she can focus on her own area of expertise.

Internet advertising agencies work closely with clients to increase search engine rankings, online visibility, and website quality. When you hire an SEO company or internet marketing agencies, you will have access to experienced analysts who can figure out what keywords will be the most effective at raising your search engine rankings and maximizing your online visibility. Then, highly skilled content writers working at internet advertising agencies will be able to thread these keywords into dynamite content.

All internet advertising agencies worth their salt realize that content based SEO is an essential element of twenty first century online marketing. The content portion of your SEO is the single most important ingredient within the best online marketing strategies dreamed up by internet advertising agencies. Internet advertising agencies have what it takes to create content that is unique, entertaining, and informative. Terrific SEO content developed by top notch internet advertising agencies should exponentially increase your web presence, drawing more users to your site and fattening your bottom line. Continue your research here.