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Are you aware of the importance of content for your Internet marketing campaigns? According to a recent survey, 72% of marketers will tell you that it’s actually the most important component. When potential clients visit your site, they also want to see relevant, full-color graphics and a solid web design that works across various platforms.

Is your business planning to increase its marketing budget this year? You may be interested to know that most online marketers are planning to increase their budgets in the following areas:

  • Expecting to spend more on content: 81%
  • Expecting to spend more on search engine optimization: 75%
  • Expecting to spend more to expand what they offer on social media: 82%

One of the main reasons why online marketers are planning to spend more in these areas is due to their proven impact. These professionals know from experience that providing organic content, effective search engine optimization (SEO), and a strong social media presence can increase brand awareness and sales revenue.

Have you been checking you blog’s site stats on a regular basis? Have you noticed that you’ve only had a few hits? While there may be several reasons for this, one of them is that you’re not using effective SEO to bring your blog’s link to the top of the first page of search results. When people search the Internet for information, 75% will locate what they need on the first page of results. They will usually only scan down the first few entries as well.

Another reason why people may not be reading your blog is due to your web design. Does it work across multiple platforms? Given all of the devices that are available now, it’s important to have a blog site that scrolls well on lap tops as well as tablets and smartphones. As of 2016, for example, over 50% of Internet traffic has gone-mobile. Tablets and smartphones are being used to access the Internet at a much greater frequency than ever before.

It’s also important to note that since its inception, voice search has become even more popular. There are now 35 times as many voice-activated Google searches being conducted than when this feature first became available. Given this, those key words and key word phrases, including questions, continue to make an impact on search results.

Has your business received any reviews? Whether they’re favorable, unfavorable, or somewhere between, 88% of Internet users treat treat reviews in the same way as they would personal recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues. It goes without saying that you will have a much better chance of a favorable review when you provide a positive customer experience.

When you have a user-friendly web design and effective SEO, you have an increased chance of driving traffic to your blog site. As a result, your business has an increased chance of being noticed. When it comes to searching for local businesses, half of Internet users will actually visit that business within a day.

If you haven’t added new content to your site for a while, it would be a good idea to work with a digital agency. Not only can a digital agency provide you with effective SEO keywords and keyword phrases, they can also provide you with fantastic web design services. Since a digital agency realizes the importance of your site working across multiple platforms, such as smart phones, this is an added plus. Furthermore, a digital agency can also provide your business with social media marketing to increase your presence and brand recognition.

When you consult with a digital agency in your area, you will also be working with an SEO firm and a social media agency. This is because this type of agency provides a combined list of services to assist you with marketing your business. Once you discover the difference of working with an experienced firm to address your Internet marketing needs, be prepared to have more hits on your site and your blogs.