When using dedicated servers, people enjoy exclusive access to a physical server. When gaming, a dedicated server allows any gamer to join, regardless of whether they need a server in-game at the time. Also, dedicated servers offer better performance.

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The narrator in the above video claims it doubled their FPS (frames per second). With all of this in mind, you may be wondering how to set up your own dedicated server.

According to the narrator in the video, people can set up their own dedicated servers at home. This can be done by running a multi-player game 24/7 on a separate laptop. However, for this to work, people must have the PC powered at all times and troubleshoot any problems on their own. The PC should run an OS like Linux, Ubuntu, or Windows OS. It should have a processing memory (RAM) of at least 8GB, albeit 16GB is best for optimal service.

Most players use Steam to set up their servers for gaming. For websites, many people use MySQL servers. Before setting up a server using Steam, gamers need to check the list of dedicated servers. This will tell them if the games they want to play are supported. On the other hand, people can pay for dedicated online servers, which offer automation. .