Developing a social media strategy

As we move into the New Year, what are you jotting down on your business’s list of resolutions? If one of your business resolutions is to become better at web development and online marketing, then you’re in luck. With this list of four free web development tips, you can create a custom web marketing campaign that focuses on the most important things for successful eCommerce businesses in 2014.

  1. Web Development Needs to Grow with Social Media
  2. The social media landscape is changing dramatically. While Facebook and Twitter, together hosting more than 1.9 billion active users, according to Statistics Brain, remain the biggest players, recent statistics from Search Engine Journal show that Google+ has seen a tripling of its usage since it launched in 2011. With these huge, dynamic numbers using social media, your web development needs to stay ahead of the constant changes if you want your website and its content to be seen by billions of social media users. Creating a social media strategy can start from something as simple as building social media share buttons directly into your page.

  3. Web Design Must Be Responsive
  4. According to Pew Internet, more than 50% of Americans now use a smartphone. With Forbes reporting that many online retailers have seen mobile sales jump by 90% this year, businesses can no longer afford to ignore the needs of mobile users. Using responsive web design means only having to build one page that can be used across all platforms, ensuring you gain access to the increasingly important mobile market.

  5. Take Local SEO Seriously
  6. As statistics from MOZ show, 76% of all online search users use search giants, like Google and Bing!, to find local businesses. If you’re not using industry proven methods of web development for getting your site found in local search listings, then you are only harming your business. Optimizing web development for local searches is as simple as plugging your contact information into your site’s meta-information.

  7. Don’t Be Too Proud to Ask for Help
  8. A recent study from Gartner shows that American businesses spent 2.5% of their total budgets on digital advertising in 2013. By the end of 2014, they’re expected to spend an additional 9%. With more than $1 trillion being spent every year on eCommerce, according to Internet Retailer, businesses need to become visible on the web anyway they can. For many businesses, particularly small businesses, this means turning to professional web development firms.

    Professional website development services know exactly what needs
    to go into web advertising for a campaign to be successful in the New Year. By taking care of the marketing, web development professionals allow you to return focus to your core business.

As you can see, what will make for great web development and advertising in 2014 isn’t all that different from what was needed in 2013. SEO is still incredibly important, but local SEO has to be considered. Social media is key to gaining a following, but the most important mediums might be losing their ground. With these tips, you can stay ahead of the curve and adjust your own web development and marketing as necessary. See this link for more references: Calgary website design company