Wendy hollender

Artists use all kinds of mediums to express what they are seeing or feeling inside. You don’t have to be a professional artist to enjoy botanical art though. Expressing yourself in artistic ways can take on many art forms. Take Wendy Hollender for instance. She is a botanical artist that expresses herself through the botanical art forms she creates. A botanical artist can create beautiful things using plants, flowers, seedpods and fruits as their inspiration for art. Botanical artists create some of the most beautiful gifts, illustrations, photographs and more using garden designs. A botanical artist pays particular attention to the world they live in and can create objects that gives us all a much greater appreciation of life. Below are a few of the other things botanical artists can do with their art.

A botanical artist can use a macro lens to take a close up photo of a leaf or flower bud. Doing so gives the artist a new perspective on the object they are looking at. Once the photo is taken it can be enlarged and then framed as artwork. To enhance the drama and depth, the botanical artist can do the in black and white.

If you are a botanical artist that does drawings. Take you easel out in the garden and enjoy drawing pictures of nature in your garden. Some artists simply do sketches of plants and insects, etc. Using colored pencils is also a good way to express yourself as a botanical artist. Water colors are also another great medium to use. This is especially fun to do on pottery.

Another form of expression a botanical artist can take on is floral arrangements. Adding splashes of different colored flowers in your floral arrangements is a great way to express your artistic nature. If you don’t have fresh flowers, dried flowers may also be used.