Botanical artist

A botanical artist such as Wendy hollender takes time with a unique craft. Their goal is to bring botanical art to people that wish to give life to a room. It is possible to make an entire foyer, home, office or other area look vibrant and lush with the right botany in mind. Paintings of botanical objects can complement landscape art, still life photography and more. If you want to strike the best blend of botanical art and other paintings, illustrations or even live art, get in touch with a decorator that has a keen eye for this sort of thing.

The cost to commission a botanical artist is worth every penny. They can help you get the personal look you seek, based on flowers, vines and other plant life. Some homes look their best when the walls have large, sprawling botanical art on the walls. A custom kitchen painting and design that features botanical ideas can really set that kitchen apart from any other house on the block. Some art therapists claim that it is very helpful for kids to look up and see flowers or other art inspired by botany in the class room.

If you do not want to commission one of these artists, but rather are just interested in ordering prints, look online for a store that sells botanical and natural art. You can usually get a look at the design before you place an order. Once you find the design that you want, you can order a print in the right size for your needs. Some designs will not be subject to color or pattern changes. This is why commissioning an artist is worth the money in some cases, because you can describe just what you want, then order the results in whatever print size or style you need.

Make sure to think about all of the related items to botanical art that you will need. If you order a print alone, then it may have to hang on a wall just like a regular poster. However, if you order a frame for your botanical art, it will keep the print safe and add a touch of class. For oversize prints, you may have to order the design in segments, then put those segments together in the area where you plan to keep the art, whether as a mural, an entire wall scroll or other large print.