There are many excellent career opportunities in the information technology industry. If you’re considering a career in web development or web design, you may be wondering how these two fields compare. This video by UI designer Jesse Showalter helps to break down the differences between these two roles.

Web designers plan designs and layouts for websites. Every detail of a site, from the fonts to the colors, is chosen by the designer.

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After creating a design, the designer will code the site and bring their vision to life. While designers frequently create websites from scratch, they also make changes to existing sites.

While web developers also create sites, their primary role is to maintain websites. Some developers focus on the front-end of the site, which is the part of the site that visitors see. Others focus on the back-end, which includes the site’s structure, code, and access points.

Both career fields are highly rewarding and offer many opportunities. If you’re interested in an IT career, both of these career paths are worth looking into. Whether you wind up pursuing a career as a designer, developer, or work in another field, researching these jobs can teach you more about how websites work.