Botanical artist

A botanical artist is an artist that must possess great skill as well as an expansive knowledge of botany. Because they specialize in art that features trees, flowers and other plant life, an artist like this, such as Wendy hollender, must have a steady hand as well as nerves of steel. The designs of many flowers and trees are so intricate that they require unnerving dedication to this form of art.

Flowers, shrubs and trees are not the only plant life that a botanical artist might enjoy rendering. Using paints, pens, pencils or some other type of medium, many artists also enjoy depicting vegetables and fruits in their various forms. In fact, one of the most widely recognized pieces of art work is the proverbial bowl of fruit.

When a person looks at a picture of a flower, a bowl of fruit or a medley of vegetables, it is not likely that they truly understand the talent a botanical artist must posses in order to accurately portray those subjects. Not only does this type of art, just like any type of art, take a great deal of time to compose, it must be painstakingly accurate. This combination of talent and the desire to take the necessary time in order to complete the work needed set apart a botanical artist that is successful and one that is not.

The work of a botanical artist can be seen in a variety of different types of media. From books to magazines to online ads to the big screen, art work based on botany subjects is hugely popular as well as simply breathtaking to look at. The vividness of the colors, the detailed leaf patterns and the many different designs make botanical art an area of expansiveness.