Product label design

Your small business has made progress with their marketing scheme by developing a user-friednly and engaging web design scheme, and an eye-catching product packaging design. And now you can kick up your feet, relax, and let those customers pour into your perfectly optimized business, right?
Sure, your web design may be good at communicating facets of your business’s brand identity, but what about your blog? If your company doesn’t have a blog, you could be missing out on a major audience sector and a chance to convert viewers into clientele.
So why focus on content? Here are 3 reasons why content matters for businesses:

  1. Content Gives Brand Identity
    Similar to packaging design, unique and original content lets the audience know exactly who your company is, what they strive for, and what they care about. It also humanizes your brand, increasing your customer’s loyalty.
  2. Content Establishes Authority of Subject
    By posting content that is pertinent to your business’ industry, you are effectively demonstrating that your brand knows and understands the trends, politics, and nuances of your industry. This kind of authority will have users seeking your insight as a means of understanding, and will build further trust of your products and services.
  3. Content Makes You Matter
    Your product is amazing and you know it. But does your customer know it? The best way to truly make them care is to show them why your product is better than your competitors’ products and services. Through content that is both engaging and original, driving organic traffic to your website due to the fact that people genuinely want to know what your site has to say. This is backed by research, as a recent study revealed that interesting content is among one of the three reasons people follow companies on social media.

Now that you know why it matters, how will you craft your content? Make it count!