Electronic manufacturing services

Even as recently as the 1970s, before the advent of modern electronic contract manufacturing services, most manufacture of electronics components was handled by in house assembly setups. This was the case even for large scale manufacturing operations. Luckily, those in the electronics industry don’t have to perform every step of the process themselves anymore. Electronic contract manufacturing services has made it easier and cheaper for many electronic manufacturing companies to get the parts they need, on time and made to spec.

Once we know what we want from electronic manufacturing services, engineers in my company are able to let them handle many of the most time consuming and delicate aspects of this work. This means our electronic contract manufacturing services partners aren’t just manufacturing our specified components for assembly, they’re also often designing them, too. We give them the needed specifications, and their designers and technicians find ways to make these components work the way we need them to.

Plus, electronic contract manufacturing services are usually responsible for testing the components they produce, to ensure that they really work safely and efficiently and perform their job exactly as they’re supposed to. And I love that our contractors are typically also able to provide shipping of the finished components right to our assembly facilities, so we can straight to work synthesizing all of our parts into a finished, working product.

A lot of electronic contract manufacturing services providers are moving their physical operations to Asia, where the total cost of overhead is so much lower. Making components at facilities in China, Hong Kong and elsewhere in this region reduces labor costs and other expenses to a bare minimum, meaning they can provide components and services to us, the end electronics manufacturer, at a price that clearly beats any U.S. based facility. Continue.