In this video, you will learn about voice servers. Teamspeak and mumble are self-hosted voice platforms. They both require server hosting and require you to be actively connected.

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Skype and discourse are supported by Microsoft. They are structured a little differently. Skype operates like an address book, where Discord can create or join existing networks. Discord and Skype are much more modern than Mumble and TeamSpeak. The windows store version of Skype is too simple, making it almost harder to use. Discords’ design is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Discord has a lack of joint voice and text boxes. Cost needs to be discussed. Mumble is open-sourced and competed-free. Skye is free up to 25 users over the internet. Discord is free for as many people as you want, and according to them, that is how it will stay. How do all of these platforms sound? Changing the region of your server can help with audio issues. Admin control varies across all four platforms. There is a lot to now about voice servers. Keep watching this video for more information.