There are a plethora of ways to make custom t-shirts. But some new technology has been breaking ground recently in the world of t-shirt printing. DTF printers are on the rise and lots of people are using them. Here are some benefits of making transfers with DTF printers.

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What makes DTF printers so different is that they use liquid inks instead of toners or screen print inks. This makes them incredibly useful for mass-producing t-shirts that have high demand. Not only can it print more than your average printer, but it can also print them faster too.

DTF transfers can adhere to all sorts of t-shirt materials. Some of those materials include cotton and polyester on both black and white shirts. With how fast and efficient the DTF printers are, you can get through 35 to 40 transfers in roughly an hour!

There are lots of different advantages of using DTF printers for transfers. Not only can you get more bang for your buck by producing in higher quantities, but the overall quality is improved tremendously. If you want to know more about how the DTF transfers are made, check out the video on this page for more information.