Usability testing analysis

B2B and online marketing are two things that go hand-in-hand for lead generation campaigns, but creating, maintaining, and measuring the success of B2B lead generation marketing strategies isn’t always easy. Although a professional B2B internet marketing agency will be able to provide the best usability testing and research for each business’s online marketing campaign, here are a few tips to get any B2B business owner started when looking for a better way to connect with buyers online:

  • B2B buyers now do most of their research online, and studies even now show that most buyers do online research for 60 % to 90% of products before even contacting a vendor offering the products for more information. The best way to ensure that your B2B online marketing campaign is successful is to present as much useful information as possible.
  • On a related note, it’s important to present fact-driven information and proof of long-term results — which can be difficult to do when using social media content marketing for B2B businesses, but is still essential. B2B clients aren’t influenced by emotions and trends like average consumers are, so it’s important to include things that do influence purchases: price, quality, availability, and return on investment.
  • Another problem that many B2B vendors find with online research and sales is that it can be very difficult to connect with potential and current clients; unlike a B2C business, which can connect with consumers through simple social media posts and updates related to pop culture trends, B2B businesses have to filter out the extra “fluff” in content without sacrificing engagement with clients. The key here is to understand your target audience before you even start marketing your business — when you know exactly what the buyers want and exactly why they might be displeased with your competitors, you’ll be able to provide information that is relevant and invites buyers to ask more about your business.

Remember — online marketing is important for any B2B business, but your actual business is the most important thing to focus on! It’s always a good idea to look for a good B2B internet marketing agency with experience in your industry to help your business if you feel stuck and overwhelmed.