Product inventory

Local, independent pharmacies have discovered that one way to compete with big box stores is to modernize their procedures using pharmacy point of sale systems (POS).

The best POS for pharmacies combines features that improve customer service and loyalty, control inventory management, reduce employee theft and enhance promotion activity. POS systems take the guesswork out of reordering and keeping track of sales patterns.

Pharmacy POS software maintains accurate records of all prescriptions filled, with easy access to pertinent information. It provides management with real-time purchase tracking, so it can assess what products are selling and which ones are lagging in sales. From single-register apothecaries to clinic pharmacies to several multiple-register superstores, the best POS for pharmacies can keep every bit of date organized and working to optimize your bottom line.

Hospital emergency room visits generate a very large volume of prescriptions, so having an outpatient pharmacy on the premises using POS software can both increase the likelihood of patient adherence and maximize profits. It has been found that fully 10% of hospitalizations are the direct result of incorrect medication usage. POS utilization can help to make sure that prescriptions are delivered to the bedside as part of the discharge procedure so that patient can be properly counseled regarding their use.

The demographics of the United States will be undergoing a major change in the next few years as the bulk of the baby boomer generation ages into its sixties. By the year 2030, people older than 65 will likely represent more than 20% of the population. And, of course, that will make having the best POS for pharmacies even more critical because of the number of medications senior citizens tend to be prescribed. Statistics show that the elderly already spend about $10 billion on medication each year, and almost a quarter of them take eight or more drugs. The ability of POS software to handle prescriptions more accurately and efficiently greatly reduces the possibility that a customer will fail to get all of his or her medication while in the store. And the easier the transaction is, the more likely the individual will come back again.(BR>