Voip telephone service

One of the best ways to boost your business is by offering a toll-free number service that customers can call. The newest and best toll free number service offered is called VoIP service, otherwise known as voice over internet phone service. This service has increased in recent years, due to the upswing of smartphone users and the decrease of landline usage.
What is VoIP?
VoIP stands for Voice Over IP. It’s a handset that uses voice over IP (Internet Protocol) technology. This lets calls be made and received over an IP network (most commonly the Internet) instead of using a regular landline, also known as the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). In other words, you can make a phone call over the Internet–sort of like Skype, but with your telephone, instead of a computer.
What are the Benefits of VoIP?
Low Costs!
Because of the VoIP low rate being charged to users, it is a great new model to look into if you’re looking into providing the best toll free number service possible. VoIP also allows you to make intelligent call routing much easier; since it saves and tracks information, it’s easier to diagnose problem spots and connect customers better with the appropriate person or voicemail needed. It’s usually cheaper than paying for a landline, as it’s usually tied to your Internet costs.
Everyone Else is Doing It!
Additionally, VoIP is growing, especially as our mobile usage grows and smartphones become more prevalent. According to a study done by Infonetics Research, between 2011 and 2016, the number of VoIP companies will double because of increased demand for the VoIP system. Similarly, the number of cell phone users who use VoIP will increase dramatically this year–it was projected that in 2010, the number would grow from 47 million to almost 410 million in 2015, due to more people using smartphones or cell phone broadband.
An Ever-Changing System
VoIP is relatively new to the mainstream, which means new and exciting changes to the system. One benefit is how flexible VoIP is–it’s possible to send things like video or faxes. Additionally, its portability also makes it user-friendly. Don’t want to have to change your number when making the switch? You usually don’t have to with VoIP.
Setting up a toll-free number with VoIP is a cinch–it can take under three minutes and plenty of companies offer assistance with setting it up. For the best toll free number service (inexpensive, modern, easy to use), VoIP is definitely something to consider. It’ll easily route to your business phone, secretary, or mobile phone, depending on the caller, and because everything is done online, it’s easy to track callers and document any concerns or problems. Make the switch now! This is a great source for more.