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By some reckonings, Googles controls up to 70% of the search engine market, and many experts say that’s a very, very conservative estimate. Which is ironic, since Google isn’t even a search engine.

Let us explain… Although Google is most well known as your friendly, totally-not-evil search engine, in reality, the company generates the overwhelming amount of their revenue through advertising. In fact, Google is the most successful advertising company in the world today (by a lot).

So if you’re a small business trying to compete with online retailers that not only have lower prices than you, but also benefit from a sales tax exemption loophole, then you need local SEO strategies that will let you compete.

How does Google make so much money from advertising?

Simple, the first page of Google search results is the most sought after advertising real estate in the world today.

Google makes a killing charging businesses like you to advertise on that first page of search results, because the company knows better than anyone that three quarters of their users never click to the second page of search results. And if you’re on the ninth page of search results, then you don’t just need local SEO consultants, you also need a priest.

Although we’re certain Google wouldn’t like being described in these terms, it’s actually quite a neat little hustle they’re running. Google’s algorithm controls who shows up on search results. And if you can’t perform well in organic rankings, then Google is more than willing to take your money in exchange for access to that coveted first page.

So what can local SEO consultants do for my small business?

Let’s say you run a mom and pop shoe shop in Phoenix. You’re never going to have the same amount of resources as a company like Nike. Large corporations have an entire floor of SEO services at their corporate offices. Local SEO consultants can help you close the gap, because even though it would take decades to reach stratospheric heights like Nike, small businesses really do have some advantages.

For example, you’ll probably have a hard time ranking on page one for people searching keywords like “shoes” or “sneakers.” But local SEO consultants can help make sure that when potential customers search for “shoes in Phoenix,” they see your store come up in the first page of results.

If you take full advantage of local SEO experts working for an affordable SEO company in your city, then you could potentially end up on page one, which is the best possible advertising in the digital age. After you improve your search rankings, your competitors will be spending a fortune just to place ads on that page, even though most customers never click on advertisements at all. And that’s our #1 reason to invest in local SEO consultants; in the long run successful SEO will not only generate leads, it will save money you otherwise would have been forced to spend on advertising.