Business it support services

IT support and IT services as a whole are growing within the U.S., where many companies wonder how they can change the course of their business from the inside out. Many IT companies in Phoenix understand how important your business security and success is to you and will do anything to help you prevent your company from an attack that could compromise everything you’ve built up from the ground.

Why IT Services Play an Important Role Today

What will you do when your business is compromised? Perhaps you own a business that cares for the money of others and you owe each customer your integrity to do everything in your power to keep them safe. IT security services can give you a brighter outlook when this occurs, because you want to ensure that nobody’s items are stolen, or that their personal information is not given up. For companies who sell items, credit cards are on file and many people worry about the day that their credit cards will be compromised and they will have to build up what they have lost.

About 58% of businesses are worried that they will encounter a cyber attack one day. 96% of businesses are prepared thanks to IT services, and having a disaster recovery solution. However, only 50% are using cloud-based technology, so what will happen when their businesses are compromised and they fear losing everything? Because security services are growing, we now see the managed security services market expecting to double by 2020, from about $17 billion to $33 billion. We are glad businesses are starting recognize how important their security is when it comes to keeping protected information safe.

IT support services are growing in popularity because it’s difficult to handle it yourself. A 2015 survey reported that about 66% of businesses now use an outside IT firm. Worldwide spending is projected to reach $3.7 trillion for IT over the span of this current year. What are you doing to ensure that your business is protected and that your downtime will not negatively affect your business when something happens? Be prepared for any event and think smart, because IT is on your side.