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You might not realize it, but server room fires are incredibly common. You need only do a search for “server fires” in Google News to find a story about a business that didn’t properly maintain its server rack cabinets, subsequently losing everything when heat lead to flames and flames subsequently lead to a total loss.

While such a catastrophic event is rare in the grand scheme of things, you still need to take proper steps to ensure such a terrible thing never happens to your business. By following some simple server safety tips, you can do exactly that.

Three Safety Tips for a Safer, More Reliable Clean Room

  1. Install Simple Monitoring Devices
  2. Sometimes, the best defense against common server cabinet racks safety issues is the simplest technology. Installing smoke detectors in and around your clean room and placing thermometers on each of your server rack cabinets will let you know when something is going wrong, without you having to break the bank.

  3. Set up the Proper Environment
  4. As the University of California Davis suggests, server room safety is all about setting up an environment within which your server cabinet racks can function at peak performance. This means keeping any combustible materials, from dust to paper, out of your server room, but it also means installing a high quality air conditioning system that will keep your systems running between the optimal 66 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

  5. Implement an Emergency Power Shut Off
  6. The Data Rescue Center points out that even with a high quality air conditioning system and simple monitoring devices, you still need to have a fail-safe should the worst happen. Installing an emergency power off protocol for when your server cabinet racks reach a certain temperature can be the perfect fail-safe, cutting power to your units before they reach the point where your hardware starts to warp or spark.

If you have a lot of experience working to keep server rack enclosures and other hardware running safely in data centers, kindly share some of your safety tips in the comment section below. Read more.