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When you’re in the apparel business, you know how much people in the United States and abroad love to make personal fashion statements. Whether they dress down or up, T-shirts tend to be a favorite clothing item. Whether it’s to promote their favorite sports team, where they work – or work out – there are so many opportunities for branding with custom transfers.

The Global and United States Apparel Market

Throughout the globe, the current estimated value of the clothing and textile industry is around $2.560 trillion. In 2016, the United States apparel market alone was valued at $315 billion. By 2025, it’s estimated that this value will rise to around $385 billion.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are approximately 7,880 tailors, dressmakers, and custom sewers in the country. As a result of their presence and efforts, it’s not surprising that Americans spend an average of $1,700.00 on their clothes, accessories, and related services.

Many Americans prefer to shop online rather than at shopping malls and independent brick-and-mortar shops. While this applies to men as well as women, in August, 2017, women’s apparel accounted for the most Internet sales.

Fascinating T-Shirt Facts

Did you know that T-shirts were worn for more than 2 decades before Merriam-Webster added the word to their dictionary? That’s right! It’s now a 117-year-old item of clothing, give or take a year.

Do you know how much the world’s most-expensive T-shirt costs? Superlative Luxury is now available on the market for $400,000.

People around the world love following the Guinness World Records. Just imagine holding the record for wearing the most T-shirts at once. This record, and honor, goes to Sanath Bandara! He wore 257 T-shirts at the same time.

Cotton tends to be the favorite material for T-shirts, particularly organic cotton. Can you imagine what the annual revenue is for textiles made out of this material? Roughly $5 trillion.

Trends in Hats

To go along with all those T-shirts, many Americans wear matching caps or hats. Chances are that they have a rack full of hats emblazoned with hat heat transfers that promote their favorite sports team, vacation spots, or cause celebre.

How to Furthermore Promote Your Business

Since you’re in the business, you want to have a high-quality heat press machine to decorate your customers’ T-shirts and other apparel. You’ll also want to have a good supply of hat heat transfers on hand to promote your own brand, of course. When you have customers that want glitter and other embellishments, there are different types of hat heat transfers and heat press accessories available.