China manufacturing companies are more important than you may think. While many individuals joke that most of the items in your homes, offices, and everything in between have a sicker or some type of embossed font on it that may say “made in China” we as Americans also never give these companies enough credit. More than 80% of the goods in the United States are imported. That’s $2.4 trillion dollars worth of imported goods. Overseas manufacturing is one of the leading services that most businesses have the prime opportunities to take advantage of. Do you find yourself wondering what the top leading products are of overseas manufacturing? Well, let’s take a look at those products made in China that we just can’t leave behind and see if any of this pertains to you and your business.

Electrical machinery

One of the top imports from china is electrical machinery. Many types of electrical products are made and assembled within factories in China and delivered to the United States to be sold on stores shelves. These products are made for a low cost within China where experienced workers assemble the products that we use and go through everyday. With items being manufactured off seas that are as important as electrical machinery so that we can continue to build here and profit off of the machines that are made there, perhaps it is time to give more credit where credit is due.


While you may have thought that your furniture was made within the United States, furniture is one of the leading imports from china. Considering that most individuals have some type of furniture object in their homes that say this, it shouldn’t all that much of a surprise to know that many common household goods, like your favorite chair or table were in fact outsourced from another country. With the experience that China has making these goods, importing from them is always beneficial to those involved.


Now of course, many individuals who run a clothing business know that one of the easiest decisions when it comes to textiles is to import from overseas. Considering that they rank number one with this, owning 42% of the market, most of our textile goods such as clothing and bedding come from overseas. If your business distributes any type of clothing at affordable rates, than offshore manufacturing may be one of the options that you and your business check out first in order to run rates that many of your shoppers would love to see.

When 59% of companies admit that the outsourcing they do with overseas manufacturing is used as a cost-cutting tool, it may mean that your business has the option to save money and put a little more profit back into your own pocket. When it comes to understanding your business, doing a bit of research into overseas manufacturing could be the thing that makes your business flourish instead of the thing that makes it crumble into the ground. Take care of the business you’ve worked so hard to grow over the years and look into outsourcing from China, you may just find yourself stumbling onto one of the most profitable business transactions of your life.