1080p wireless security camera system

Do you currently have an outdoor security camera system? Recent data shows that homes as well as businesses without these systems have a greater chance of being broken into and suffering losses. Furthermore, when businesses also have indoor surveillance systems, it can potentially reduce theft and other types of crimes.

Reducing Residential Burglaries

When homes don’t have security systems, they are up to 300% more prone to being broken into. It’s interesting to note that 34% of burglars will actually go through the front rather than a side or back door. While some burglars may force doors open, in other cases they may have located spare keys or discovered that the door has been left open.

The University of North Carolina released a report on convicted burglars. They found that 60% of these individuals would chose a different home to burglarize when a security system was present. When home security camera systems are installed, it has been estimated that 67% of burglaries could be prevented.

Reducing Business Burglaries, Shoplifting, and Employee Theft

Business burglaries, shoplifting, and employee theft can be reduced with surveillance camera systems as well. Estimates from the United States Chamber of Commerce indicate that employee theft costs employers billions of dollars a year. In fact, businesses are losing between $20 billion to $40 billion due to this reason alone.

While shoplifting accounts for 38% of missing inventory, 34.5% is due to employee theft. When remote access surveillance came systems are installed in businesses, it can eliminate up to 80% of the theft and losses that occur. Another benefit of having a system like this installed is that it can increase and otherwise improve workplace productivity.

Learn More About Protecting Your Home and Business

Given that a burglary occurs every 15 seconds, having the right type of system may prevent or reduce a burglary occurring at your home and/or business. When homes and businesses are broken into, an indoor and/or outdoor security camera system can provide images and other important data which can be relayed to law enforcement and other relevant personnel. Since there are a variety of systems available, which includes wired as well as wireless digital security cameras, it’s important to consult with a security expert to learn how best to protect your home and business.