Selecting a meraki reseller

As a smaller business, it can be difficult to keep up with the safety and internet security concerns as bigger businesses do. Some of the challenges that smaller business face are reduced budgets, fewer business clients, and the inability to sign onto the best support systems because of lack of business size. Yet, security and confidentiality is extremely important to a business, regardless of their size. For this reason, the following may be useful security options for smaller to medium sized businesses.

Move to a cloud based system
Moving to a cloud based system can help to increase security measures. Cloud based systems have better control securing records and other confidential data. Additionally, Email servers that are entirely on a cloud based system give employees a protected form of communication. Cloud based systems are actually very popular among smaller businesses with less profits, because of the cost savings them provide. Approximately 82% of companies surveyed said that they saved money by moving to the cloud.

Install firewalls
Firewalls are an older, yet effective technique used in computer security. When a firewall is placed over a certain technological area, the area is much more difficult to access. This also makes it harder to hack into, resulting in fewer security breaches for the business. Firewalls are sometimes included with network security systems, such as with Cisco or with Maraki equipment. However, you will have to work with your Meraki reseller on specific Meraki equipment that also includes firewall potential.

Back up security system
While the cloud can be extremely effective in security, it can potentially go down for long periods of time. Not only is this information not accessible during this time, but the cloud is easily breached at this point. When information or records are extremely confidential, such as with payment information, it is necessary to have some type of a backup security system. Meraki equipment is well known for their back up security capabilities.

Redundant data centers provide almost complete (99.9%) reliability, including local network functions still working if the Meraki dashboard went down. The Meraki support system helps to get the Meraki equipment up and running quickly and the access point system is helpful for access while it is down. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of Meraki access point when the system is down is that changes can quickly be made to further secure the information that is stored there.

Increase in Meraki equipment
Those businesses that are moving to Meraki equipment systems are rapidly increasing. As the system continues to grow, the support and capabilities will become even better. Constant improvements are made to Meraki equipment and it is likely to be one of the leading enterprise networks. Due to the rising bandwidth requirements and shift toward wireless systems, the enterprise network equipment market is projected to hit $30.6 billion by 2020. Many of these businesses are likely to be smaller to medium sized businesses who are currently struggling with their network security needs.

Selecting a Meraki reseller
If you have decided that the advantages of the Meraki support system are right for your small business, all you need to do is choose a Meraki reseller. Meraki resellers can provide you with additional information and setup procedures for your new system. Also, regardless of the reseller that you choose, you will experience the advanced support system and access points of the entire Meraki network system.

Smaller business often struggle with challenges that larger businesses do not have to worry about. One of these struggles is that of network security and customer information confidentiality. Some would even say that security is more important to these smaller businesses, because one sing data breach could ruin the entire business. Meraki equipment provides many benefits to the smaller business needing an improvement in network security. Consider the advantages the Meraki reseller has to offer and increase your businesses overall security.