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By 2022, the embedded computing market is predicted to reach $236.5 billion, which represents a compound annual growth of 6.2% from the period of 2016 to 2022 by previous forecasts. This is not surprising. Embedded computers, as those found in stand-alone kiosks, are a hot commodity in the hospitality industry. It is expected that these industrial computers will aid industry growth by increasing customer engagement.

What Is an Embedded Computer System?

Embedded computer systems work within a larger industrial computer system. These computers feature mechanical pieces and hardware. Embedded systems are meant to handle specific tasks. This might be serving as only a check-in kiosk, such as at the airport or hospital. Or, it this system might even take the form of a computerized watch.

Who Is Served By Industrial Computers?

Embedded computers have actually been around for a relatively long time. In fact, an embedded computer was used in 1965 for the Apollo Guidance Computer. Today, these industrial computers serve people in the hospitality, military, medical, and automotive industries. The goal is to create an experience for the customer that seamlessly merges service with engagement, education, and entertainment.

How Can Embedded Computers Change the Hospitality Industry?

Embedded systems can present a great way to create more engagement with the customer. For example, the self-serve kiosks in airports and as medical check-ins can be used to help optimize the flow of traffic. Another benefit is to use an embedded system as a form of entertainment, such as a screen or interactive system for children in public waiting areas.

The Future Market For Industrial Computers.

Embedded systems in the automotive, healthcare, hospitality, and consumer electronics industries are driving growth in the marketplace. The automotive industry actually led in 2015 with a 17% market share. In fact, 90% of the market is dominated by the embedded hardware section.

Embedded systems are not leaving the public sphere. In fact, embedded computers are expected to grow in the coming years. As marketing divisions plan and plot different methods to keep customers interested and engaged, these systems will evolve and change to keep pace.