How often is it that we look at something and can’t see clearly enough to be able to read? It isn’t just eye sight that can be the problem in these cases, it is also in many cases that font can just be too small for the naked eye to truly be able to see. This is why, in the 16th century, the invention of the microscope came to be. Of course, it wasn’t to be able to read font on a page, it was instead so that bug could be studied in more depth, but you get the picture. Now, however, the use of microscopes goes beyond wanting to study bugs. Microscopes are used for numerous things from an extra boost when reading a book to a handy tool for a scientist to be able to get a more in depth look at whatever is on their daily study plate. Handheld microscopes take that ability to see a step further and make it so that the ability to see things both closer and clearer are right in the hand of the person looking.

Dino-Lite digital microscope gives you the ability to see things up close in the palm of your hand. You don’t have to be a scientist to have a curiosity, in fact, the average Joe walking down the street could want nothing more than an inspection microscope to see things clearer that they might not have seen before. So what exactly that these handheld microscope inventions can do and how is it beneficial to you and your business or hobbies? We’ll break it down for you.

Watch Making

Quite a few classic movies have the shot of the older male sitting with a maniacal against his eye as he carefully looks over all of the clasps, gears, and tiny pieces that go into watches. These characters were usually the studios inventors who loved a life where they could take apart their time readers and put them together again in these beautiful conditions. A handheld microscope moves away from the idea that a single magnifying glass needs to be held up to a person’s eye to show them a better focus of what they’re looking at. This invention makes it so that watch makers only have to hold up their handheld microscope and they can suddenly continue working for their watch making getting a closer view of their products.

Jewelry Inspection
Jewelry inspection is another example of the eyes needing to work overtime to see every little crevice that their eyesight probably missed. Jewelry inspection is vital to being sure that not a single stone from a beloved piece goes missing or gets lost. With the handheld microscope, these inspections are made much easier. Having on hand the possibility of an inspection microscope to look more closely at your favorite pieces and to be sure that nothing needs repair or fixing can save a broken heart from suffering the loss of a heirloom or even a wedding stone. These handheld digital microscope are a game changer for many people.


Just as the microscope was first used for, looking at bugs is another place where the handheld microscope comes into play. With these inventions, people are able to get a closer eye at and study the smaller life forms that sometimes end up on the bottom of our shoes. The more that can be learned about the bugs that crawl around or fly around us, the more that we can understand and not be so afraid of them. For bugs and humans to live in some sort of harmony perhaps these handheld microscopes are the key.

Instead of thinking that a handheld microscope is a silly thing for most people to own, perhaps it is time to give these items more consideration. You never know when something as such can come in handy in your own lives. When the eyes fail, the microscope can make up for what they are lacking. Get a head start at looking closer at things and into things with a Dino-Lite.