Web hosting south africa

Domain names may survive through the years but behind the scenes they often change owners and are moved from one host to another several different times. In 1985, there were 6 dot com names compared to 2005, where the number had grown to 61.6 million. Currently there are approximately 220 million registered domain names. Annual sales of domain names account for $250 million in revenue. the most expensive domain name ever sold was insure.com and it was sold for $16 million. The name of a website can sometimes serve as the cover to a book.

Even though people say it is not that important, a domain name can go a long way. If you are looking for a domain, start by contacting a website hosting provider to see what the next steps are. The first thing to explore in your domain search are the necessary steps to complete domain name registration. If you plan on using email accounts in your domain search as well, you may want to consider doing a domain search for domain registration with email hosting. Take some time to do your research in your domain search and you might just find that it is a lot easier to get your own website than you thought before.