4 Tips and Tricks to Get the Most from Gmail

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If you use Google services you are not, by any means, alone. It is estimated that one billion people use Gmail. Google itself was ranked the number one Multi platform web service in the United States November 2015. It boasts at least 247 million unique American visitors and can claim a market share of nearly 64% among all United States search engine providers. Google’s total revenue worldwide totals approximately $74.54 billion. If you are like many people on the planet you use Gmail and are probably looking for ways to make the experience better. From performing regular Gmail backups to backing up Google apps, there are things you can do to and hands and improve your Gmail experience.

  1. Take advantage of the mass filterandnbsp;feature. If you are like most people, you receive too much junk mail. There are things Gmail helps you do, in the same vein of the auto Gmail backups applications, to unsubscribe from the various newsletters and other automatic emails that you may receive. It can be a pain to have to go through all of your junk emails I also tried individually for each. In this area, Gmail has your back. Do a search for the word “unsubscribe.” Doing this Will bring out all the emails in your inbox that have the word “unsubscribe” in them. You can then select them all and create a filter to send these two different folder. This does not unsubscribe you from the mailings but will clean up your inbox.
  2. Keep your emails private by checking your account. If you’re worried that other people are reading your email you can check your last account activity. If you are using the Gmail web interface enter In your inbox what you need to do is scroll all the way down to the bottom of your inbox. We will see you on the right side some very small text which reads, “last account activity.” If you click on the details button next to that, you will see a list showing when your account was accessed, what the geographic location was of the individual accessing it, the IP address and the type of interface. If you see any information that it would not be you, you would be well served changing your password contacting Google.
  3. Do you ever need to work on your email when you’re off line? There is a good Google Chrome extension that allows Gmail users to look at, search, reply to and to organize their emails when they do not have Internet connection. This is not the same thing as performing a Gmail back up but can be very helpful. What you need to do is set this up in your settings. Go to the gear in The upper right corner of your screen, click settings I should see a tab marked “offline” on the top. Click it and then select install Gmail off line. Some people are concerned this plug-in because they worry but it will take up space on the hard drive but it does not do that.
  4. Do you love to hit snooze on your alarm in the morning? Gmail offers a similar feature. If you receive email that you want to read but is not pressing or something that you want to rewrite away there is a Google app to help. Google Chrome offers an extension called “snooze your Gmail.” This feature allows you just snooze an email for time period of your choosing when it will pop back up at the top of your inbox. This is a very helpful for reminding you of the events and emails that you want to respond to and read but do not have time for right away.

There are a lot of good reasons that Google and Gmail are so very popular. Between the Google search engine, the functionality of Gmail, the availability of Google services that allow you to protect your data with Google cloud backup services, Gmail backup services, Google backup and restore services and others, it is no wonder so many people rely on Google. If you rely on Gmail performing Gmail backups should be something you do regularly.



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